SANSHU UK was established in 2008 and has been growing ever since. 


We teach a hybrid style of Martial Arts/Kung Fu similar to that of Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do. 


We draw influences from many styles and use what works for us interdependently. There is no limitation on what you can learn, no boundaries and we are open to free thinking and freedom of expression. Having mostly trained in Shaolin Kung Fu we draw heavy influences from traditional practice, traditional forms and western boxing. We do however incorporate both modern and traditional ways of thinking to ensure that we grow as a group and evolve into one of the most practical systems for your own personal growth. As such we also encourage our students to travel and learn new things, new styles, new movements, new exercises to test themselves where possible and to set the standards expected in class. 

Sparring is a very important part of our training, it's where we actively work on our techniques that actually work and not only trains the moves but trains the reaction to fighting itself. Forms are used to improve health, core strength mindfulness and flexibility.  Each pay an important part of becoming a all round martial artist. 

Most martial arts instructors minds are only focused on what style they are practicing and as such fall short on many things that improve their students ability as well as their own. The goal is not to become a 'jack of all trades master of none' but to extract better ways of learning from over the world and put this to the test in class. Stressing that learning is limitless, questioning is a good thing and making it your own is key. 

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