Welcome to SANSHU UK Martial Arts School. We teach Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu and Martial Arts. Our Martial Arts Classes are currently in Pettswood. We offer high quality tuition, open to everyone of any standard of fitness.


We have combined knowledge of over 40 years of training within the martial arts and our classes are varied as we cover a wide range of skills. Sessions are open to everyone, all ages and ability. Classes typically last for 1 hour and first lesson is free. Feel free to turn up and train with us or send us a message on our contact page.


We teach traditional Northern Shaolin Kung Fu and Martial Arts. The Academy was founded in 2008 and we offer some of the best tuition in the Bromley borough. Open minded and always encourage cross training and development. Classes are typically one hour and aim to strengthen the body, mind and improve confidence.


New and existing students will be able to wear official club branding and train in some of the most comfortable training wear available. We also have a lot of equipment for general shared use such as broadswords, staffs and much more! We have training T shirts, trousers, and trainers. Our gear is affordable and good for all conditions.


We have an open minded community that supports cross training and self expression through Martial Arts practice and study. There is no limit to learning and self development, no cult like activity and no politics. We encourage our students to train outside of class and to explore the world of Martial Arts and everything it has to offer. 

Kung Fu (gong fu) literally means 'Work and time'. It refers to ones expertise in any skill achieved through hard work and practise.

At our academy there are no belts, progress is reviewed when the student is ready depending on how they progress in and out of class. This includes skill, character and dedication to training. The ultimate goal ... discipline and self control. Kung Fu can be put into every activity, every single day of your life.



We can offer students advanced Martial Arts weapons training which is incorporated into our syllabus. You will start by learning the staff and move on to sword, we teach bull whip and Nunchaku. Students have recently been learning the nine section steel whip.

Weapons training will only be taught to students who have passed our grades that require you to have good knowledge of Kung Fu empty hand basics


The Shaolin Temple/Monastery said to be the birthplace of martial arts. It is a chan buddhist temple at Song Shan, near Zhengzhou City, Henan province. You will be taught forms and movements currently taught at the Temple here in the UK with the opportunity to train abroad as you progress with your training. Our lessons are hard and structured, there are no false aspirations or goals.

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